Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re celebrating a mom who loves to do her own automotive repairs and maintenance or a mom who’s new to the world of DIYing, we’ve got some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift to show your appreciation for everything she does.

mother s day gift ideas - idees cadeaux pour la fete des meres

Camping Supplies

If one of your family traditions is camping, consider gifting your mom some new supplies to get ready for another season of exploring the great outdoors.

For RV owners, an RV care cleaning kit will help you and your mom clean and prep your space. A camping lamp will provide some extra light during those evening walks through the forest and a cargo net will keep all your supplies secure in your trunk.

For more camping equipment, check out these RV and camper towing essentials that’ll help your trip run smoothly.

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Safety Tools

Help your mom stay safe on the road by keeping her car stocked with some safety tools.

A battery booster pack will help your mom revive a dead battery. If she ever needs backup along her journey, this 2-piece roadside assistance light set will help her quickly flag down another driver.

For quick fixes, gift your mom a tire repair kit to keep in her car at all times. If you need a refresher, we explain how to fix a flat tire here .


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Car Wash Supplies

If your mother likes to keep things clean, include supplies to help her vehicle look its best on your list of gift ideas.

A pack of cleaning wipes to keep in the cabin of your mom’s car clean will always come in handy when picking up after a spill during a road trip or after jumping out of the car if she’s unintentionally arrived late for work.

For car wash day, upgrade your mom’s cleaning arsenal with a foam cannon. Pair this with a bottle of snow foam car wash, and your mom will be able to get her car to really shine. If you haven’t used one before, check out these tips on using a foam cannon.

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4. Tool kit

Whether she takes on full DIY projects or sticks to basic repairs, any mom would be happy with some extra tools.

Find the perfect toolbox and fill it with whatever your mother needs. We have all kinds of tools available both in our stores and online, including screwdrivers, torque wrenches, and hammers. If your DIY mom loves power tools, she may appreciate a new power drill or a set of drill bits.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make a homemade toolbox or bag to store your mother’s new items in.

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DIY Gear & Accessories

If your mom is trying to expand her DIY skills, gift her one of these accessories to help her try new tasks safely.

No matter how experienced they are, every DIYer should have a pair of quality work gloves. For repairs that require her to get underneath her vehicle, your mother will appreciate a pair of car ramps. And a fender cover will protect your mom’s car from minor damage when doing various maintenance tasks.

For guidance on tackling a variety of DIY tasks, tell your mom to check out our blog, where she can search for whatever she wants to try next.

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NAPA Mother’s Day coupons

Even DIY moms need some time to relax. Give your mom a break from automotive work with our NAPA Mother’s Day Coupons. We offer coupons for a full car detail, oil change, tire pressure check, and one full tank of gas.


More Ideas

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, browse through our wide selection of automotive products on Enter the details of your mother’s car in the top left corner of the website to be matched with products guaranteed to fit. You can also ask an expert for advice on finding the perfect present for the special mom in your life at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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