Gift Ideas for the Daily Driver

Shopping for gifts for the car guy or gal in your life? Skip the ties and tacky tees—get them something that they can actually use. Something that will make their daily drive better than it was before. NAPA Canada has your gift ideas for the daily driver in your life. It’s our gift list for Christmas, other holidays, or whenever you want to give someone an automotive present.

Picture of car carrying gifts in winter in front of trees

NAPA Mechanic’s Block Set: Ok, this isn’t for your vehicle, and it isn’t a tool, but this block set is cool. Build a pickup, trailer, and garage setup for your desk. Complete with tire machine and other tools.


Snow Brush: It’s a cliché, but a good snow brush is a life-changing experience. A telescoping handle lets you clean your car in one swipe and reach more of your pickup without a ladder. They’re great for clearing snow, but the wide head makes scraping with the other end tough. So grab an ice scraper to throw in or a windshield cover to stop window ice from forming in the first place.

NAPA Mechanic'S Block Set

46.32 $

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Mallory 10 In Ice Scraper

2.79 $

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Tire Rack: This bit of equipment gives the gift of an organized garage. It’s an accessory that frees up floor space, letting you store winter tires (or summer tires) up in the air and out of the way.

Mini Car Vacuum: When it’s your family car, things get messy. Crumbs, fur, sand, you name it. Some messes need the big vac, but more detailed work can be done with a handy little 12‑V unit that plugs into your car. It’s a perfect car care gift idea for everyday use.


Ultracraft Wall Mounted Adjustable Tire Rack

216.99 $ 139.99 $

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Mini Car Vacuum 12V W/Long Neck Hose

29.59 $ 21.99 $

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Creeper and Seat: DIY car repair is uncomfortable. You’re turning wrenches and swinging a hammer in positions that you’re not used to. A mechanic’s creeper gives you a more comfortable platform than some cardboard on the floor. It rolls freely for movement and this one has an adjustable backrest for even more comfort. A mechanic’s seat is almost as good and is great for jobs on the side of the car. The tool tray is ideal for catching and holding parts, tools, and bolts.


Microfibre Towels: A bag full of microfibre cloths is great when it comes time for a polish, wax, or just wiping up dust and small spills in your car or truck. Having one or two is handy, but if you have a couple dozen you definitely have enough for any job…and enough for a full load of laundry so they aren’t getting mixed in with other clothes or towels, which can ruin both.


Car Care Kit: If you’re shopping for a person who already has a garage full of car care products, then this is one to avoid. But if you need gift ideas for someone getting their first car or their first garage space, then a care kit like this one from Armor All is a great present. It comes with wash, wax, wipes, and glass cleaner. All of the basics to help your DIY family member get started.

ULTRAPRO Mecanic S Creeper

100.99 $ 77.99 $

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Large Microfiber Car Wash Cleaning & Drying Towel

16.49 $

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