Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you have or know a dad who loves cars and enjoys working on his own vehicle? If you’re not sure what to buy him for Father’s Day, think NAPA Auto Parts: we have tools and equipment that’ll make all his vehicle projects go smoothly.



Any DIY dad would appreciate getting some new tools for Father’s Day. A socket set or screwdriver set, for example, comes in handy for a wide variety of DIY projects.


Milwaukee Tool Socket Set

202.99 $ 176.99 $

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Milwaukee Screwdriver Set

42.49 $ 24.99 $

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Another option is this pair of unique 7-in-1 combination pliers, which include wide jaw pliers, a crimper, a wire stripper, and a wire cutter.

You can help your dad keep track of all his tools with this 43-piece organization system. If you’re a bit of a DIYer yourself, you could even put together a homemade toolbox, painted in your dad’s favourite colours

Milwaukee Plier

49.09 $ 29.99 $

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Milwaukee - Packout Deep Organizer

89.99 $

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Car Detailing

A true car enthusiast always wants their car to look its best. Give your dad the products and equipment he needs to make his car shine all year round.

Some basic detailing items that your dad can always make use of include car wash liquid, microfibre wash mitts, cleaning wipes, glass cleaner and water repellent, wax, and wax applicators.


NAPA BodyPro Waterless Eco Wash and Wax

17.29 $ 14.49 $

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Mac's Quick Detailer

14.39 $ 9.99 $

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If your dad’s car has picked up a few marks over the years, this scratch remover can help him make it look as good as new. He may also want protectant to seal in all his detailing work.

For an all-in-one cleaning gift, check out this complete car care kit, which comes with five products.

Scratch Remover

13.69 $ 11.49 $

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Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

36.99 $ 30.99 $

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Protective Gear

Show the DIY dad in your life that you care about his safety by getting him some protective gear. No matter what project he takes on, your dad will always be able to use a good pair of work gloves and a box of disposable nitrile gloves.

You can also get him a pair of safety glasses to protect his eyes, or this bed creeper to make it easier for him to manoeuvre under his vehicle.

Black Nitrile Gloves

23.99 $ 18.99 $

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Safety Glasses

Starting at 4.69 $

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Garage Upgrades

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to help your dad enhance his garage. Decorations like vintage tin signs or LED light strips can add some personality to his workshop. You could even make a homemade sign that includes your dad’s favourite car model or brand, for example.

To really take his space to the next level, gift your dad a service cart, which he can keep stationed in one corner of his garage or move around to wherever he needs. Another terrific gift option is a mechanic stool, which will allow your dad to work more comfortably.

Carlyle Tool Cart

896.99 $ 749.99 $

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Ultrapro - Mechanic's Seat

56.99 $ 32.99 $

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Trailer/RV Supplies

If your dad owns an RV or trailer that he plans to use this summer, help him keep it in the best condition possible with an RV cleaning kit.

If the lighting on his trailer is a little worse for wear, this trailer lighting kit will improve his safety when he’s on the road.

You can also help your dad keep all his items secure on his next road trip by getting him a cargo net. And if he enjoys spending evenings under the stars, a powerful camping lantern will help him find his way back to his trailer

RV Care Cleaning Kit

65.99 $ 51.99 $

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Trailer Lighting Kit

57.99 $ 42.99 $

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More Gift Ideas

For more gift ideas, browse up to 500,000 parts, tools, and accessories on napacanada.com or stop by your local NAPA Auto Parts store. If you want to give your dad the chance to browse for himself, you can pick up a NAPA gift card from a participating NAPA store.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s store-bought or homemade, the car enthusiast dad in your life is sure to appreciate the thought you put into picking (or making) a gift that celebrates his interests. Happy Father’s Day!

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