• Pouring oil into make-shift funnel made from half a plastic bottle

    Oil Change Tips & Tricks

    Whether you’re an amateur mechanic or a first-time DIYer, learning to do an oil change is very handy if you’re interested in maintaining your car on your own. We have a full guide on how to do an oil change, but we’d like to share some more tips and tool suggestions to help make your […]

  • diy rustproofing - traitement antirouille maison

    DIY Rust Proofing

    Unfortunately, rust is an inevitable part of a car’s life. Although you can’t stop it completely, you can treat your vehicle to slow down rust build-up. In this guide, we’ll explain how to rustproof your vehicle from your own garage.

  • Person washing a black car that is covered in foam

    Benefits of Car Detailing Before Winter

    Car detailing is the thorough process of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to the best condition possible. You should detail your car two or three times a year, especially if you live somewhere with drastic changes in seasons. Detailing your car in time for winter, for example, is a great way to protect it from […]

  • best car enthusiast cars under 10k - cinq voitures faciles a modifier a moins de 10000

    Best Car Enthusiast Cars Under $10K

    For car enthusiasts, having multiple vehicles to work on and modify is the ultimate pastime. If you’re looking to add another car to your garage, check out this list of great cars to modify for under $10,000.

  • improve your visibility - conseils pour ameliorer votre visibilite

    Improve Your Visibility

    Never underestimate the importance of good visibility when you’re behind the wheel! Being able to see clearly when driving is essential not only to your safety, but to the safety of everyone else on the road. Follow these tips to improve visibility and make sure your view of the road is as clear as possible.

  • lawn mower maintenance - entretien des tondeuses a gazon

    Lawn Mower Maintenance

    Since they have many similar parts, basic maintenance for your lawn mower—whether it’s a push or riding mower—is not all that different from basic maintenance for your car. To help your grass cutter run smoothly all season, add these tasks to your mower maintenance routine.

  • tips on winterizing your rv or trailer - conseils pour preparer son vr pour l hiver

    Tips on Winterizing Your RV or Trailer

    As summer begins to wind down and we move into cooler weather, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your RV, trailer, or camper for winter storage. Winterizing should take place before temperatures fall below zero degrees Celsius. This process is essential to preserving both your unit’s inner system and its exterior to make sure […]