• A car wash bucket in front of a black car with a big splash of soap flying from out of the bucket

    4 Summer Car Care Tips

    These 4 summer car care tips will help you keep your car clean! Winter weather is rough on your car, but summer car care poses its own challenges. Whether it’s a windshield full of bug splatter from the family road trip or floor mats that look as though you took half the beach home for […]

  • 5 Uses For An Air Compressor

    Routine tire inflation is one of the main uses for an air compressor, but what else can you use it for? Air compressors are a great tool to have in your garage, and there are many ways to use an air compressor around the house as well! Here’s a quick look at five new ways […]

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    Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement Guide

    Preventative maintenance, big or small, is essential to keeping your vehicle operational. Changing your motor oil is the most basic maintenance to ensure that your engine will stay dependable and work every day you need it. It is important to know when to change your oil as it also depends on your location, your vehicle’s type, […]

  • Trailer Maintenance Tips Before You Hit The Road

    Here are some of our most useful trailer maintenance tips before you hit the road this summer! Now with warmer weather, it’s time to take your cars, bikes, boats, and ATVs on the road again. How well that goes depends on how well your trailer is working after being kept in the garage all winter.

  • Towing a Trailer: Know Before You Tow

    Towing a trailer seems simple – install a hitch, hook up, and go, right? Mere appearances cannot guarantee your vehicle is capable of towing, even fitted with a hitch. In fact, a hitch can be fitted to practically any vehicle on the road, but there are many factors that go into determining the towing capability […]

  • 7 Winter Windshield Wiper Tips for Better Visibility

    Windshield wipers are essential during the winter. They keep your windshield clear of precipitation and maintain proper visibility while you’re driving. If you want these frontline defenders to perform to their full potential, you need to take care of them. Here are seven winter windshield wiper tips that will help keep you safe while driving […]

  • Winter Car Tips: 5 Reasons to Dig Your Car Out of The Snow

    If you park on the street or in your driveway, your car likely gets buried during winter snowstorms. To make the situation worse, snowplows tend to pack down the snow when doing their rounds. Even when the weather outside is frightful and the snow is piled high, it’s important to clean your car off. Here […]