• Blue car with a lot of rust all over the body of the car

    How to Rustproof your Car at Home

    Contrary to popular belief, rust proofing is not something that can only be done in the fall. In fact, the warmer the ambient temperature, the better the product will be absorbed. Nevertheless, it’s never too late, or too soon, to rustproof your vehicle. The chemical reactions that cause rust can be slowed down to a […]

  • Three different automotive batteries

    Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery

    The battery is the hub of any car, not just electric cars. Without it, you can’t start your engine, run your air conditioner, lower your windows, or listen to the radio—and those are just some functions we notice. Did you know that a battery lasts only between three and five years? It’s important to monitor […]

  • How to Replace Brake Pads

    These instructions will help you change brake pads on most popular vehicles. Be sure to READ them completely before you begin. Changing you brake pads is a very common DIY project on a car and part of regular maintenance checklist. With some method and few safety guidelines, it can be pretty straightforward. If you would […]

  • Car Rust Proofing at Home

    Rust proofing your car at home is possible. In the words of singer Tom Petty, “If you don’t run, you rust.” Unfortunately, cars and trucks rust no matter what you do with them. In addition to the oxygen-rich atmosphere, they’re exposed to rain, which accelerates oxidation. And while road salt makes winter driving safer, it […]

  • Red rusty Toyota is at the scrapyard

    Rust Repair, Or Is It Too Late?

    Rust is a recurring issue for car owners, but how much rust is too much rust? How do you know if it’s too late for car rust repair? And if you’re shopping for a used car, should rust be considered a deal-breaker?

  • NAPA Premium Oil and NAPA Gold Oil Filter in front of an engine

    Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement Guide

    Preventative maintenance, big or small, is essential to keeping your vehicle operational. Changing your engine oil and oil filter is the most basic maintenance to ensure that your engine will stay dependable. When you should change your motor oil depends on your location, your vehicle’s type, and your driving habits:

  • A black car being sprayed with snow foam using a foam cannon

    What Is A Foam Cannon?

    What is a foam cannon? Its cheery name makes it sound like a fun toy, but it’s a useful tool that can help you wash your car more quickly and efficiently. Let’s see what this useful device has to offer.