• Red rusty Toyota is at the scrapyard

    Rust Repair, Or Is It Too Late?

    Rust is a recurring issue for car owners, but how much rust is too much rust? How do you know if it’s too late for car rust repair? And if you’re shopping for a used car, should rust be considered a deal-breaker?

  • NAPA Premium Oil and NAPA Gold Oil Filter in front of an engine

    Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement Guide

    Preventative maintenance, big or small, is essential to keeping your vehicle operational. Changing your engine oil and oil filter is the most basic maintenance to ensure that your engine will stay dependable. When you should change your motor oil depends on your location, your vehicle’s type, and your driving habits:

  • A black car being sprayed with snow foam using a foam cannon

    What Is A Foam Cannon?

    What is a foam cannon? Its cheery name makes it sound like a fun toy, but it’s a useful tool that can help you wash your car more quickly and efficiently. Let’s see what this useful device has to offer.

  • Oil covered hands working on transmission with socket wrench

    10 Must-Have Tools for the DIYer

    You’ll definitely use these 10 must-have tools on a regular basis whether you’re a professional or new to automotive repair jobs. With the right toolset, the projects that you can handle in a good workspace are almost endless. Plus, everything goes that much more smoothly when you’ve got the right tools for the job. For […]

  • Comparing a clean cabin filter to a dirty cabin air filter

    Cabin Air Filter: How To Replace In 10 Minutes

    Did you know that the air inside your vehicle can be six times more polluted than the air outside? Most people don’t even know that cabin air filters exist. About every vehicle made after the year 2000 contains this filter. Manufacturers generally recommend replacing the filter every 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers depending on routine driving […]

  • Woman checking the oil level of her car using a dip stick

    Fluid Level Checkup

    There’s more than just one fluid level you need to check to ensure your vehicle stays drivable and reliable. You deal with some fluids once a week, and others a few times a year. There may be still others you don’t even know about! Thanks to advances in automotive technology, manufacturing methods, and fluid technology, […]

  • A car wash bucket in front of a black car with a big splash of soap flying from out of the bucket

    4 Summer Car Care Tips

    These 4 summer car care tips will help you keep your car clean! Winter weather is rough on your car, but summer car care poses its own challenges. Whether it’s a windshield full of bug splatter from the family road trip or floor mats that look as though you took half the beach home for […]