• Winter Prep 2020 Guide; Be Ready

    While the current pandemic has forced us to adopt a variety of new habits, others—like prepping our cars for winter—haven’t changed a bit. To face the coming cold with peace of mind and leave nothing to chance, follow our 2020 winter prep guide recommendations.

  • Improve Your Visibility: 2020 Guide

    Never underestimate the importance of good visibility when you’re behind the wheel! Seeing clearly on the road not only makes life easier, but also helps keep you safe. Check out our list of products that can improve driver visibility.

  • Car Rust Proofing at Home

    Rust proofing your car at home is possible. In the words of singer Tom Petty, “If you don’t run, you rust.” Unfortunately, cars and trucks rust no matter what you do with them. In addition to the oxygen-rich atmosphere, they’re exposed to rain, which accelerates oxidation. And while road salt makes winter driving safer, it […]

  • Car Rust Repair, Is It Too Late?

    As previously discussed, rust isn’t easy to prevent. But how much rust is too much rust? How do you know if it’s too late for car rust repair? And if you’re shopping for a used car, should rust be considered a deal breaker?

  • Towing a Trailer: Know Before You Tow

    Towing a trailer seems simple – install a hitch, hook up, and go, right? Mere appearances cannot guarantee your vehicle is capable of towing, even fitted with a hitch. In fact, a hitch can be fitted to practically any vehicle on the road, but there are many factors that go into determining the towing capability […]

  • Car Maintenance Myths – Should I Replace Lifetime Fluids?

    If a road trip planner can help you get ready for a long drive, long-life and lifetime fluids can keep your car in service for the long haul. Unfortunately, it’s still necessary to replace lifetime fluids on occasion; their name gives many car owners a false sense of car maintenance security. Indeed, if you never […]

  • Emergency Kit Recommendations – List of Items You Should Keep in Your Trunk

    Even the best-maintained vehicles suffer breakdowns. You may already have in mind a list of items you should keep in your trunk. Whether you’re commuting or on a summer road trip, roadside emergencies can happen with little warning. It’s important to keep a few roadside assistance items in your trunk so that you can get […]