• 18 canadian road trip essentials - 18 articles essentiels a emporter pour un long voyage au canada

    18 Canadian Road Trip Essentials: What to Keep in Your Trunk

    Canada has a population density of about 4.2 people per square kilometre. But that’s just the average across a vast country—the actual figure in specific locations varies immensely. Toronto, for instance, has a population density of 4,427.8 people per square kilometre, while in other places, you can drive for hours without meeting a single person. That’s […]

  • 10 tools to have ready for you next diy brake job - 10 outils pour effectuer l entretien des freins de votre vehicule

    10 Tools to Have Ready for Your Next DIY Brake Job

    There’s nothing worse than starting a new project and realizing you don’t have the materials you need to finish. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, gathering your equipment ahead of time will let you work without stopping. If you’re planning on fixing your brakes, make sure to have all the tools you’ll need before you […]

  • how to choose the right coolant - choisir le liquide de refroidissement qui convient a son vehicule

    How to Choose the Right Coolant

    Taking care of your car requires more than filling it with gas and changing flat tires. Tons of moving parts and fluids work in unison to get your vehicle from point A to B safely. One key component to getting your car moving is coolant. Knowing the basics of what coolant is and the different types […]

  • fluid level check up - verification du niveau de liquide d une voiture

    Fluid Level Checkup

    Your car needs a variety of fluids to keep it moving. Without the right fluids, certain parts could become damaged or stop working altogether. Complete regular checkups of these fluids to keep your car in top condition, especially if it’s more than three years old.

  • trailer maintenance - l'entretien de remorque

    Trailer Maintenance

    As the weather warms up, you may be itching to get out on the road with your trailer and start your summer plans. Before you take off, follow these trailer maintenance tips to ensure your trailer is in top towing condition.

  • emergency travel kit - trousse d'urgence de voyage

    Emergency Travel Kit

    It’s difficult to predict what will happen on the road. Whether you travel mostly in the city, commute an hour each way to work, or love taking road trips, you need to be prepared for emergencies. In this post, we’ll go over some basic survival items and tools you should keep in your car for […]

  • common heating and cooling issues - problemes courants de circuit de refroidissement et de chauffage

    Common Heating and Cooling Issues

    Vehicle temperature is not only important for keeping yourself and your passengers comfortable, but also for keeping your car’s engine in good condition. To avoid expensive repairs, use these tips to help you deal with any issues with your heating and cooling system early on.