• Car Maintenance Myths – Should I Replace Lifetime Fluids?

    If a road trip planner can help you get ready for a long drive, long-life and lifetime fluids can keep your car in service for the long haul. Unfortunately, it’s still necessary to replace lifetime fluids on occasion; their name gives many car owners a false sense of car maintenance security. Indeed, if you never […]

  • Towing a Trailer: Know Before You Tow

    Towing a trailer seems simple – install a hitch, hook up, and go, right? Mere appearances cannot guarantee your vehicle is capable of towing, even fitted with a hitch. In fact, a hitch can be fitted to practically any vehicle on the road, but there are many factors that go into determining the towing capability […]

  • Canada Summer Road Trip Checklist

    Even if you’ve fully embraced Canadian winters, you’ll likely agree that it’s easier to go for long drives during the warmer months. Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer road trip. While it might seem like all you have to do is jump in the car with a full tank of gas, […]

  • NAPA Guide: How to choose a car jack for your car, truck, or SUV

    You’ll need to know how to choose a car jack if you’re going to do vehicle maintenance or repairs, like oil changes or brake maintenance. Gravity keeps your car or truck firmly planted on the pavement. Cars weigh 900 kg to 1,500 kg (2,000 lb. to 3,000 lb.) and some trucks and SUVs weigh up […]

  • How to choose your first car mechanic tool set

    Choosing your first car mechanic tool set can be difficult, with tens of thousands of tools available for mechanics of every level, the selection process can be overwhelming. A starter tool set, however, can get you up to speed in no time. There’s no need to break the bank, either—with just a few basic tools, […]

  • Three Mechanic Tools to Speed Up Car Repair and Maintenance

    After getting your car up on jack stands and gathering your mechanic tool set, you’re set up for many car maintenance and auto repair tasks. Car enthouastics and DIYers often start to learn simple jobs on their car like washing and detailing. Then, they’ll move on to basic engine maintenance, like an oil change or […]

  • NAPA Guide: How to choose the best brake pads and brake rotors

    In a previous article on how to do a great brake job, we only briefly mentioned the different types of brakes that are available. Choosing the right brake pads can depend on your vehicle, driving habits, and driving location. For the most part, with proper maintenance and care, brake calipers don’t need to be replaced […]