• Picture of car carrying gifts in winter in front of trees

    Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Driver

    During the holidays, it’s always difficult to find the right gift for everyone on your shopping list. If that list includes car lovers, NAPA can help with these useful products for gearheads. No experience with cars is required to use these products! But they’ll all make life easier for the car lovers on your gift […]

  • Picture of Tire in Snow

    How to Change your Tires at Home

    If you live in Canada, or anywhere above the Snowbelt, installing winter tires on your vehicle is first and foremost a matter of safety. As important as your seatbelt, winter tires can be the difference between skidding through an intersection and coming to a controlled stop in an emergency.   There are, of course, costs […]

  • Picture of Windshield Wipers in Winter

    Choosing the Right Winter Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid

    Admit it: you’ve pulled out of your driveway with a peephole scraped into your windshield at least once in your life. With the proper windshield wipers and washer fluid to clear your view, you can hit the road every morning a safer driver. Since wipers are made of natural rubbers, heat and cold can cause […]

  • Image of Dashboard with warning lights

    Car Parts that are likely to Break in Winter

    Winter temperatures in Canada can drop below –40 degrees Celsius, which creates special problems for vehicles. Even temperatures just below freezing will put more strain on your car’s components, increasing their chances of breaking. Learn which car parts are likely to break in winter and how you can fix them.

  • Car driving on snowy roads in the forest

    5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

    With winter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your car for winter driving. Whether snow doesn’t land on the ground until after Christmas or before fall has officially started, you need to take a few steps to prepare yourself and your car for driving in the winter. These steps won’t help with just […]

  • Booster cables installed on car battery

    How to Boost a Battery

    Do you need to boost your battery? There are many reasons why a vehicle’s battery charge might no longer be sufficient to turn over the engine. Lights left on accidentally and faulty electronic components or charging systems are just a few examples of the kind of draw that can slowly drain a battery. If your […]

  • Blue car with a lot of rust all over the body of the car

    How to Rustproof your Car at Home

    Contrary to popular belief, rust proofing is not something that can only be done in the fall. In fact, the warmer the ambient temperature, the better the product will be absorbed. Nevertheless, it’s never too late, or too soon, to rustproof your vehicle. The chemical reactions that cause rust can be slowed down to a […]