Best Holiday Gifts for Do-It-Yourselfers

Especially for those of us who are not so handy, having a mechanically inclined friend, neighbour, or family member is a real blessing. They are the ones who help us jump-start your car or get our lawn mower running after a long winter. With a few tools and some know‑how, the do‑it‑yourselfers make saving the day look easy.

If you have an aspiring mechanic, do-it-yourselfer, or all-around handy person on your holiday shopping list, you’ll find the perfect gift here. These 11 practical and exciting gift ideas are sure to please anyone who loves tackling automotive or household projects.

LED headlight bulbs

For anyone who loves their car, SYLVANIA LED bulbs make an original gift. The bright white beams emitted by these replacement bulbs are sure to make their car look stylish, all the while improving visibility.

85-piece professional mechanics tool set

Every mechanic needs tools, and you can’t go wrong with this Stanley tool set. With a large selection of SAE and metric-sized sockets and two ratchets (3/8 in. and 1/4 in.), this set has just what you need to complete your repair and maintenance jobs. Includes a sturdy carrying case to help keep your tools safe and organized.

100 piece screwdriver set

If you’ve ever come across a screw that just doesn’t fit any of your screwdrivers, this Evercraft set will save the day! With Robertson, Phillips, Torx, and crosstip insert bits in every size, you can’t go wrong. It makes a great starter set for your favourite DIYer.

Professional torque wrench

If there’s a special person in your life who enjoys tinkering with their car, this handy tool is sure to make them smile. The ULTRAPRO torque wrench is an essential tool for auto mechanics. It is used to apply torque to nuts, bolts, and screws without damaging or breaking the parts, which means it’s a crucial tool for changing tires.

Safety gloves

These gloves don’t just protect your hands, they also improve your grip and comfort. Mechanix Wear M‑Pact open cuff gloves are an essential DIY accessory. The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protection keeps your fingers safe from knocks and cuts, while the palm padding absorbs impact and vibration to reduce hand fatigue as you work. These gloves feature an easy on/off stretch elastic cuff and come in three different sizes. They are also touchscreen-friendly. Be sure to add this popular DIY accessory to your holiday shopping list!

OBD II Scan Tool

For the automotive DIYer working on modern vehicles, an OBD II scan tool like this one is all but a necessity. Nearly every new passenger vehicle sold in Canada over the past two decades uses an electronic diagnostic system called OBD II. When plugged into a special port, this tool displays information about how the vehicle is operating and indicates whether any signs of trouble are present. Mechanics use it to identify problems and avoid additional issues. For those more comfortable working on older vehicles than newer ones, an OBD II device may be just the tool that helps them gain confidence in modern-car diagnosis and repair.

2-piece worklight and pocket knife set

You’ll want to add this set to your Christmas list! The Prime-Lite portable LED worklight is just the right size, plus it’s got a base and hanging hook to hold it in place. The wide beam will light up any workspace. The matching pocket knife has a stainless-steel and aluminum blade that’s designed to be strong, durable, and lightweight. This perfect combo makes the perfect gift.


Who doesn’t love gadgets? This practical gift comes in handy in all sorts of situations. Need a small screwdriver? How about a knife, pliers, or a can opener? Those are just a few of the 12 functions this stainless-steel tool has to offer! Keep it in your glove box, boat, or home. Plus, it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Wi-Fi IP camera

You can never be too careful! Let this Escape Wi-Fi IP camera put your mind at ease as it keeps watch over your home, garage, or cottage. It’s equipped with a motion detector and sends images to your smartphone or tablet in real time. The techies on your gift list will love this unique, practical present.

Mechanics’ bed creeper and adjustable mechanic seat

Every garage could use stylish, limited-edition stuff, right? This mechanics’ bed creeper and adjustable seat are nothing if not charming. With a design inspired by the legendary Route 66, these items were built to last. They come with easy-to-clean covers that are resistant to oil and grease. Why not treat the mechanic in your family or even yourself?

Garage décor

Every garage has a bunch of tools hanging on the walls. Why not personalize your garage with some vintage wall signs? Pair the Route 66 sign with the matching creeper or adjustable seat for an unbeatable gift. Or surprise Dad with the light-up “Welcome Dad’s Garage” sign.

Our gift ideas don’t stop here! Watch this video for even more suggestions from expert Chris Robinson, because at NAPA, we know how to shop.

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Check out all the tools and equipment available on or trust one of our 600 NAPA AUTOPRO shops for your car routine maintenance and repairs. For more information on holiday gifts for do-it-yourselfers, chat with an expert at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

By Nick Palermo and Eloïse Dussault

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