• why-you-should-do-your-brake-service-NAPA

    Brake service, why you should do it this spring

    Unlike many parts of your car, your car’s brakes tend to wear out in several ways, which is why regular brake service should be on your schedule. The most obvious wear is of the friction surface of the brake pads and brake shoes, which flakes off every time you use your brakes. This is why […]

  • How to know if-it-is-time-to-change-brakes

    Is it time for new brakes? Our expert advice

    Your vehicle’s brakes have one of the most important jobs of any component: making sure you can stop safely and predictably each and every time you hit the pedal. As the kilometres rack up and time moves forward, however, even the best braking system requires care and maintenance. The key is identifying the right time […]

  • How to replace brake pads

    These instructions will help you change brake pads on most popular vehicles. Be sure to READ them completely before you begin. Note: Most of vehicles are equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Brake Systems), a computer-controlled system that requires additional mechanical and electrical parts to prevent the wheels from locking up during braking. It may be necessary […]

  • brakes

    How to Check Your Brakes

    As complicated as modern vehicles may be, there are still a number of basic things that you can do to make sure that your ride is running properly, including checking and adjusting fluids. In addition to knowing how to check your brakes in the garage, you should also be able to ensure that your car […]