What are the Best Brake Pads to Buy?

We’ve already talked about how to do a brake service job and how to replace your brake pads, an essential part of servicing your brakes. But even with the best maintenance, your brake pads will need to be replaced sooner or later. Some can last up to 75,000 km or more; others only last around 30,000 km. Their lifespan depends on things like the material of the brake pads, your driving habits, and your vehicle. Picking the right ones guarantees durability and performance. So, what brake pads should you get? Here at NAPA, we offer four types of brake pads: regular, premium, specialty, and fleet. We’ll introduce them below.


NAPA’s “regular” or “daily driver” brake pads are suitable for almost every vehicle under average driving conditions. They will work perfectly for the average driver and are our most affordable option.

NAPA Proformer and NAPA QE Brake are both examples of regular brake pads, and they’re offered in ceramic and semi-metallic compounds.

NAPA Proformer brake pads provide excellent quality for drivers on a budget. That makes them a great choice for older vehicles (because they’re lighter than most modern models) and economy vehicles. NAPA QE Brake pads are engineered to deliver an original equipment option and compete with more premium brands to deliver proven performance.

If you’re looking for longevity and factory performance in your daily ride, these brake pads are the ones for you.

NAPA Proformer Brake Pads

Starting at 36.49 $

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NAPA QE Brake Pads

Starting at 35.69 $

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NAPA Premium brake pads offer premium quality at mid-level pricing. They’re quieter and cleaner than regular brake pads and use OE-matched engineering, sound-dampening technologies, and durable materials to provide smooth, long-lasting braking with low dust levels.

Our premium pads have 100% chamfered edges, so you won’t hear any initial engagement noise. They’re original equipment matched to ensure proper fit and performance, better stopping, and a smooth pedal feel. The slots, also matched to original equipment standards, improve the stability of the pad under harsh braking. And lastly, the OE fit means improved harmonics for no noise.

NAPA SilentGUARD brake pads are part of our most extensive line of brake friction coverage for cars and trucks. SilentGUARD technology features multi-layered fibre-reinforced shims for noise dampening that lasts through many stops, and rubber-coated hardware to help prevent corrosion.

If you’re interested in quiet braking with durable hardware, NAPA Premium SilentGUARD brake pads are the answer. If you’re switching your brake pads, consider NAPA Premium brake rotors to ensure they fit the best with your new brake pads.

NAPA SilentGUARD Brake Pads

Starting at 91.29 $

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NAPA Premium Rotors

Starting at 56.79 $

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Adaptive One specialty brake pads: Top of the line


Adaptive One brake pads give the best performance possible and feature a unique two-compound formulation that allows the brake pads to adapt to your individual driving style. These all-ceramic brake pads are 100% chamfered and have two different ceramic formulations.

All NAPA Adaptive One brake pads use CleanCoat technology for more effective braking and cleaner wheels. It delivers better stopping and better break-in with new pads and high heat resistance for stop-and-go commuting. Adaptive One pads also have rubberized hardware to ensure corrosion resistance and quiet operation. There are four types of Adaptive One pads, each tailored for your specific vehicle and driving needs.

Adaptive One Passenger Car brake pads are for most passenger vehicles. Your typical daily driver. They feature all the benefits of Adaptive One brake pads and have Gold CleanCoat technology. If you drive a car as your daily vehicle but still want the benefits of Adaptive One technology, these are the ceramic brake pads for you.

Adaptive One R90 Euro brake pads are designed for European car brands, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, or your European import. They have a premium-coated shim and Blue CleanCoat technology. They come with ECE R90 certification, which is required for all replacement brakes in the European Union. That means they perform within 15% of the original equipment and deliver the high-performance stopping European cars are designed for.

Adaptive One Passenger Brake Pads

Starting at 59.59 $

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Adaptive One R90 Euro Brake Pads

Starting at 79.39 $

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Adaptive One Truck & SUV brake pads were made with the weight of your bigger vehicle in mind. They’re formulated with Kevlar pulp for enhanced stopping power and improved heat resistance in severe circumstances, such as towing and hauling, while still giving you long life and quiet braking.

Finally, Adaptive One Performance brake pads were developed to deliver aggressive stopping power for fast cars. They’re perfect for high-performance cars, like Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, and more. They give you aggressive initial stopping with racing-ready heat capacity. They feature a premium-coated shim, Red CleanCoat technology, and 100% chamfered slots.

All Adaptive One brake pads offer top-of-the-line quality and work best with Adaptive One coated rotors.

Adaptive One Truck & SUV Brake Pads

Starting at 72.79 $

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Adaptive One Performance Brake Pads

Starting at 59.59 $

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When it comes to hardworking delivery, emergency service, municipal, and commercial vehicles, limiting maintenance downtime is important for keeping costs low. At the same time, no fleet owner wants to sacrifice safety.

Our NAPA Fleet brake pads were engineered for maximum brake pad life and for dealing with the extreme conditions fleet vehicles face every day. That includes police cars and ambulances, but also in-town delivery trucks and vans, taxis, and ride-hailing use. They also offer consistent performance in all conditions, including hot and cold weather. Put together with our Fleet brake rotors, these brake pads are here to support your hardworking team.

Choosing the best brake pads

It’s easy to grab the first set or even the cheapest brake pads and brake rotors for your next brake job, but selecting the right ones guarantees maximum safety and consistent performance. Not having the right brake pads for your vehicle and your driving can cost you in money, time, and more. You could need more time to brake in heavy braking situations, suffer brake fade, early pad replacement, or have to listen to more brake noise every day.

If you’re still wondering what you should use for brake pads, you can always talk to one of our knowledgeable associates. Your local NAPA Auto Parts expert or your local NAPA AUTOPRO service centre will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find what works best for you.

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