Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery

The battery is the hub of any car, not just electric cars. Without it, you can’t start your engine, run your air conditioner, lower your windows, or listen to the radio—and those are just some functions we notice. Did you know that a battery lasts only between three and five years? It’s important to monitor your battery so you can replace it before it causes problems.

Three different automotive batteries

Difficulties Starting Your Engine

If your engine doesn’t start at all, grab your battery cables and boost it from another car battery or a jump starter. If that works, great! You’re on your way. However, if you have to boost your battery frequently, you probably need a new one.

If your car takes a long time to turn on, though, that’s a clear sign your battery is no longer holding its charge well. Replace it.

Battery jumper pack is used to jump start a battery

Electrical Issues

Are all your headlights dim at the same time? The lights on your dash? Do you have other electrical issues at the same time? If one headlight burns out, that’s not your battery. But if all of them are dimming, that’s a hint you may need a new battery.

However, your alternator may also be the cause here, so run these tests, too. Also, use a battery terminal cleaner to remove any corrosion on the terminals, then test your voltage with a battery tester to see if your battery reaches at least 12 volts.

Person is checking their car battery voltage using a multimeter

Check Engine Light Is On

Like the smoke alarm in your house that pierces your ears when your toaster burns your bread, your check engine light can overreact, causing you to under-react. This is because it asks you to do one thing—check your engine—for a range of situations. Turning the light off can range from tightening your gas cap to having an engine replacement. Within that range of possibilities is a battery replacement. Take your car to your mechanic for a final diagnosis.

Check battery light icon is lit on the dashboard

Under the Hood

It’s a good idea to lift the hood once a month, even if you’re unfamiliar with your car’s components. Familiarizing yourself with key parts may take only a few minutes—at most an hour—but can save you thousands of dollars in repairs because you’ll learn how to prevent an extremely high repair bill.

  • An unpleasant smell, e.g., a burning smell
  • Corrosion: If a battery has cracked, the acids in it can leak. Usually visible along with the connectors, it’s generally a blue foam. Don’t touch it with your hands! Always wear gloves.
  • Misshapen battery case: Your battery should be rectangular, not angular or bumpy. The chemicals inside the battery are corrosive. If they leak, your repair bill will be considerably higher than a battery replacement.

If your battery appears damaged, replace it.

Car battery in the engine bay

Replacing Your Battery

You have two options for replacing your battery: 1) Take your car to a trusted mechanic, or 2) Replace your car battery on your own. If you select option 2, make sure you purchase the right battery for your make and model. Your local NAPA associate can help.

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