Winter Car Emergency Kit

Canadian winters can be unpredictable. Whether you’re on a regular commute or a first-time road trip, roadside emergencies can happen with little warning. To help you navigate unexpected situations on the road, we recommend putting together a winter car emergency kit.

You may already have a few items in your trunk for emergencies. In the winter, however, you have the elements against you, and you’ll be thankful you brought a few extra items along if you ever get held up in the snow.

winer car emergency kit - trousse d urgence d hiver pour la voiture

What to Put in Your Winter Car Emergency Kit

We’ve put together a list of items to keep in your emergency kit so you’ll be ready for whatever winter throws at your vehicle.


If you have to stop to deal with an emergency, the last thing you want is to cause another accident because other drivers can’t see you or your vehicle. You should turn on your hazard lights when stopped for an emergency, but if visibility is low or your lights aren’t working, you’ll need other ways to increase safety and make yourself noticeable.

Keep these items in your kit to make sure you’re visible to others on the road and to draw their attention if you need help:

  • Safety triangles
  • Road flares (store in a waterproof box)
  • Safety flashers

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Snow Clearance

In a blizzard, snow can pile up quickly. If you have to pull over in the snow, make sure you can get out again with these snow clearing tools:

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Repair Tools

Most emergencies on the road are caused by electrical system snags, fuel delivery difficulties, or tire troubles. You’ll need to call for roadside assistance if there’s a serious issue with your vehicle, but you may be able to take on minor repairs with these items:

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Windshield Washer Fluid

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If your battery dies in the cold, a set of jumper cables or a booster pack will help you bring it back to life. Check out this article on how to recharge a dead car battery.

Remember to add your vehicle’s details at the top left corner of to be matched with products that are guaranteed to fit.

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Communication & Navigation

Even if you always have a smartphone with you, you may lose service or run out of battery during a winter emergency. Improve your winter preparedness by having these items to help you reach other people and find your way out of a tricky situation:

  • Portable phone charger
  • GPS
  • CB radio (if travelling through dead zones)
  • Road maps
  • Compass

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First Aid

No emergency supply list is complete without a first-aid kit. Keep one in your trunk at all times in case anyone is injured during a roadside emergency. This kit should contain items like adhesive bandages, gauze, tweezers, disposable gloves, medical tape, cold compresses, and antibiotic ointment. You can purchase a pre-assembled safety kit or put one together yourself.

If there’s a serious injury on the road, call for help from medical professionals.

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Food & Comfort

If you get stuck for a while, you’ll be glad you brought along some food. Keep non-perishable items like nuts and seeds, granola bars, crackers, and dried fruit in your car emergency kit. Don’t forget liquids, like water and energy drinks, as well.

To stay warm, keep a blanket or some extra clothing along with some heat packs in your kit.

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Maintaining Your Vehicle

Some roadside emergencies are inevitable, especially when extreme weather is involved. You can try to limit the chances of a mishap, however, if you keep your vehicle in good shape with regular maintenance.

Combine your winter maintenance routine with a thorough car emergency kit and you could increase the chances that you and your vehicle will be ready for whatever the season brings.

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