Daily Driver Maintenance Guide

For those who drive every day, maintaining your vehicle is a necessary part of your daily routine. Just as you need your morning coffee, your vehicle needs regular attention to get you to your destination. In the following article, we go over how to quickly inspect your car and schedule ongoing maintenance. Plus, we share some driving tips to prolong your car’s lifespan and list a few models that are specially built for frequent commutes.

Daily inspection

If you drive every day, remember to give yourself a few minutes to assess your vehicle before jumping behind the wheel. This may feel like an inconvenience, especially if you’re in a hurry, but it could keep you from driving a vehicle that’s not road-ready, putting you at risk of an accident.

Before you drive, give your car a thorough visual inspection. Circle it and keep your eyes open for any scratches, dents, or anything out of the ordinary. When you turn the engine on, check the dashboard for any warning lights that may flash. You should also make sure your headlights are working.

If you’re driving your vehicle to work every day, you’re causing more wear and tear than someone who only drives occasionally for errands, or who uses it as a secondary family car. Catching a problem before you drive will save you time in the long run.

Ongoing maintenance guide

In addition to your daily inspection, follow this general vehicle maintenance schedule. All drivers should keep up with this routine, but if you’re a daily driver, the tasks are even more crucial.

Every two weeks

Every month

Every three months

Every six months

Every year

Refer to your owner’s manual for recommendations on when to perform certain maintenance tasks for your specific vehicle. If your vehicle is showing signs of a problem but you can’t figure out the cause, have it assessed by a mechanic. The last thing any commuter wants is a problem on the highway during rush-hour traffic.

With the help of our DIY guides, you can save some money and perform all these maintenance tasks yourself. If you’d rather have your car serviced by a professional, visit your local NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centre.

Driving tips

Vehicle maintenance is more than just caring for your car when it’s in your garage. How you drive also affects your vehicle’s health and longevity.

If you’re a daily driver, follow these tips every time you’re on the road to keep your car in good shape:

  • Avoid potholes whenever possible.
  • Slow down over railroad tracks.
  • Leave more distance between yourself and trucks.
  • Gradually increase your driving speed.
  • Combine multiple journeys into one whenever possible.

Best vehicles for daily drivers

Aside from keeping up with regular maintenance and following our driving tips, you can pick a vehicle that’s built to handle your driving schedule.

A commuter vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some of the best (and most affordable) passenger cars for daily drivers:

  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Camry
  • Kia Soul
  • Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid


If you want a little more luxury in your life, these sports cars are also good options:

  • BMW 3 Series M340i
  • Ford Mustang
  • Mazda MX-5
  • Subaru WRX
  • Chevrolet Camaro

The right commuter vehicle for you will also depend on your local climate. If you’re driving during the harsh Ontario winters, for example, you may want to store your luxury vehicle and switch to something else until the snow melts. Whatever car you drive in winter, follow these maintenance tips to make sure it’s ready for the cold season.

Listen to your vehicle

When you drive frequently, it’s very important to listen to your car. If you’re distracted by your to-do list, you may get careless with your maintenance routine.

If your car needs attention, it may give off warning signs. For instance, if you notice a strange sound, smell, or any other unusual change, don’t ignore it. Neglected or unfinished repairs can greatly impact your car’s ability to safely get you from point A to B. Remember, without a healthy car, you can’t keep up with your daily commute!

For more maintenance tips and DIY guides, check out our blog.

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