Choosing the Right Winter Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid

The winter weather can take a toll on many parts of your car, including its wiper blades. Having the right windshield wipers for the season will help you get a clear view of the road year-round. Winter wiper blades are indeed made for the cold weather. We’ll explain how in this blog post.

Choosing the Right Winter Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid - Choisir les bons essuie-glaces et le bon liquide lave-glace pour l’hiver

Types of Wiper Blades

Summer blades are designed to wick away water with a lightweight design that allows them to glide across your windshield. In the winter, however, summer blades get held up by their lattice design, which traps snow and ice, reducing their flexibility.

Winter wipers are better equipped to handle the cold because they have an extra layer of synthetic rubber, which allows them to stay soft without tearing.

Wiper blades come in frame or beam styles. Booted frame blades are a common choice for winter. They’re encased in rubber boots to stop their joints from icing up. Beam-style wiper blades are another winter wiper blade favourite. They come with a piece of high-strength, tensile steel along the length of the wiper and have tension springs within them to stay flexible in the cold.

Either of these winter styles will get the job done, but the main difference is that beam blades have a memory curve, so they can perfectly fit your windshield.

How to Pick Wiper Blades

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you should definitely have a pair of winter wiper blades. As long as they’re made for the weather, all winter wiper blades should perform the same. Choosing the brand and style is mainly based on personal preference. Your owner’s manual may provide a brand recommendation for your vehicle.

Once you know what style of wipers you want, you need to know what length to get. Your owner’s manual will list the size of wiper blades you need. You can also find this information online by looking up your vehicle model. Alternatively, measure the length of the blades you currently have as a reference for future purchases.

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When to Change to Your Winter Wiper Blades

To handle everything winter throws at your windshield, we recommend switching to winter wiper blades before the first snowfall. You can rotate back to summer blades in the spring. Aside from changing with the seasons, change your blades if you notice any tears, cuts, or delamination on them.

Although winter wipers last longer, the natural rubbers in all wiper blades will deteriorate over time, especially when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. To keep your view clear, get a new pair of winter wiper blades each year.

How to Change Your Wiper Blades

Changing your wiper blades is a simple task you can do from your own garage. Wipers come with detailed instructions on how to install them. For tips, check out our guide to changing wiper blades.

Windshield Washer Fluid

You can only get the full benefits of your winter wiper blades if you pair them with the right washer fluid. Just like wiper blades, washer fluid is formulated to be most useful for certain types of weather.

Summer washer fluid targets the residue left on your windshield by bugs. It also has a bit of antifreeze to keep it from freezing on cool evenings.

Winter washer fluid focuses on clearing away road grease and salt. Thanks to a generous dose of antifreeze, it breaks up ice on contact instead of freezing.

All windshield washer fluids list the lowest temperature they can handle. Pick one that’s suitable for your climate. Check your washer fluid level every three months and top it up as needed.

Never use water as a replacement for washer fluid. It can freeze and potentially cause the washer fluid lines to burst.

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Getting Ready for Winter

Besides switching your blades, conduct a winter car inspection to make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the season. If you have a trailer, follow these tips to winterize it.

For more automotive tips and DIY guides, check out our blog.

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