7 Kinds of Car Enthusiasts: Who Do You Know?

Know a car enthusiast? Perhaps they love the look of a vintage convertible, or the challenge of fixing up an old brake system, or can’t wait to hit the trails in their off-roader. Depending on what they’re into, auto enthusiasts can fall into different categories. See if you can think of someone who belongs to each of these motorhead groups.

7 kinds of car enthusiast - les 7 archetypes du passionne d automobile

The Detailer

detailer - bichonneur

Detailers are all about the looks of their car. Making a lasting first impression is their top priority. These car lovers will know the best techniques and products to make their car look like it just left the showroom.

While they certainly may care about having a smooth ride around town, the Detailer is often more concerned with the visual aesthetic of their vehicle than the precision of their ride. If they do encounter any performance issues, they’ll usually have their car serviced rather than try to fix it on their own.

For this auto enthusiast, nothing is more satisfying than detailing their car like a pro and stepping back to watch their paintwork shine.

The Track Day Driver

track day driver - pilote amateur

These sports car enthusiasts live for competition. The Track Day Driver gets their kicks from trying to beat their personal best time at the track, learning new ways to cut corners to shave off those seconds. They care about styling their vehicle to match their racing persona, but beyond that, the Track Day Driver typically leaves repairs and in-depth detailing to the professionals.

The Track Day Driver probably knows a lot about professional auto racing. They love to spend a day at the races and picture themselves passing the finish line first.

The Mechanic

mechanic - mecanicien amateur

Tinkering around with a vehicle is the most fulfilling pastime for this auto enthusiast. Finding new ways to improve their vehicle and putting their work to the test on the road can give the Mechanic a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Mechanic car lover may be professionally trained or fully self-taught. If they’ve practised their skills enough, this DIY fanatic can likely accomplish any repair or modification with even the simplest set of tools.

If you’re looking for a gift for the DIY-er in your life, check out this post on some must-have tools.

The Road Tripper

road tripper - grand voyageur

For some, the most exciting thing about a car is seeing how far it can take you. The Road Tripper is all about seeing the sights from the comfort of their vehicle. They love to hit the open road and get the good times rolling. They may also be very experienced with towing and be able to offer you some tips for getting around with a trailer.

Going on a trip with a seasoned Road Tripper can be a super rewarding experience. If you get an invitation to join them on their next journey, make sure to put these road trip essentials on your packing list.

The Thrill-Seeker

Similar to the Road Tripper, this car enthusiast is all about driving far—and fast. Thrill-Seekers live for the adrenalin of nailing a new driving technique or tearing up a dirt road, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake.

For these auto enthusiasts, vehicles are like giant toys. Looks aren’t the priority: endurance is. Testing the limits on a new vehicle is something the Thrill-Seeker always looks forward to. They may enjoy playing around with ATVs, dirt bikes, or dune buggies, as well.

The Show-Off

showoff - m as tu vu

If you know someone who’s really into exotic cars or is a sports car enthusiast, they may fall into the Show-Off category. This car enthusiast loves to be seen living it up in a luxury vehicle. When it comes to getting just the right look for their vehicle, money is no object to the Show-Off.

Show-Offs will likely only trust well-known garages for repairs and wouldn’t risk trying to fix things on their own—unless they happen to be a professional mechanic. Some of them may also be deeply loyal to particular car brands and have a decent amount of knowledge to back up their preferences.

The Collector

collector - collectionneur

Lastly, the Collector is known for their love of vintage vehicles. They love all things retro and, as the name suggests, love to collect cars and all things car-related.

The Collector may own multiple vehicles but will only drive a select few, maintaining the others for display only. They’ll likely set up a bit of a shrine in a particular room or their garage to display their items, including upcycled car parts, old-fashioned road signs, and model cars.

Do any of these car enthusiasts sound familiar? Or have you maybe found yourself in our list?

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