4 Off-road must-haves for your pickup

Looking to make your pickup stand out from the pack, while also adding a healthy dose of capability to go with your style statement? If you’re an off-road fan, there are a number of accessories and parts you can install that will help you go farther down the trail and look good while doing it.

Let’s check out four off-road must-haves for your truck.

1. Light Bar

It’s incredible how easy it has become to add off-road lighting to your pickup. Whereas once it was a pain to mount and wire individual halogen pods, today a single LED bar can provide an impressive amount of illumination – and also come in a variety of sizes that make it easy to attach almost anywhere on your vehicle. As an added bonus, they don’t draw much power, which means you won’t have to upgrade your alternator or worry about overheating issues like you would with a halogen system.

Whether you’re seeking a full-roof bar to add a little midnight sun to your campsite, a discrete rear bar to assist with backing up, or under-bumper lighting to cut below the fog, there’s no end to the LED options available to truck owners.

2. Winch

What’s more rugged-looking than a winch hanging nestled on your truck’s front bumper? Appearances aside, you’ll like that winch even more the next time you’re stuck many kilometres down the trail without a buddy in sight to help pull you out.

Make sure when selecting a winch that you decide whether you want an integrated (solenoid control box as part of the winch itself) or non-integrated (remote solenoid) design, what kind of capacity you need (typically 25% more than the gross weight of your own vehicle to give you a margin of safety), and what, specifically, your typical winching needs will be. This will help you select a brand with the features you’ll actually use, rather than just grabbing what’s available right off the shelf.

3. Tires

If you’re serious about off-roading, then chances are you already know that the tires that came with your pickup likely won’t cut it once the pavement disappears. Serious all-terrain tires come in many varieties, but they all feature similar characteristics: tough sidewalls to prevent slicing from rocks and debris, aggressive, knobby tread to better parse mud and sand, and typically a larger diameter to help life your truck higher off the ground.

Remember: always make sure to do a reality check before any tire purchase to confirm that the rubber you’re looking at will fit underneath your fenders and clear your steering components.

4. Suspension Lift

Speaking of clearance – you can never have too much when you’re driving over obstacles like rocks, logs, and streams.

Adding a basic suspension lift to your truck is relatively inexpensive, and as long as you keep the overall height added to a reasonable level you won’t negatively impact performance on the street. Not all lift kits are created equal, so make sure you choose one that has been properly engineered for your vehicle rather than simply buying an inexpensive, one-size-fits-all design that could cause problems with handling or reliability over time.

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By Benjamin Hunting

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