How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

A good car wash not only makes your vehicle look good, but helps keep it in shape to last you as long as possible. Let’s go over how often to wash and clean different parts of your car and some tips for getting a professional finish. 

how often should you wash your car - a quelle frequence devez vous laver votre voiture

Your Car’s Exterior

Wash your car a minimum of once per month, but ideally every two weeks. Depending on certain factors, you may need to wash your car more or less frequently. For example, if you typically store your car indoors and only drive a couple times per week, you won’t need to wash it as often. 

The season, your driving patterns, and surrounding environment can also play a part in your car wash schedule. It’s especially important to wash your car during winter, for instance, to clear away slush, dirt, and salt. Letting road salt build up on your car can corrode the paint and undercarriage, so don’t skip out on washes. 

In the summer, you’ll mainly be clearing away dirt and bugs from your car’s surfaces (including the windows). The rain may seem like a free wash, but it can leave behind streaks and water spots. If you frequently drive on dirt roads, you’ll want to wash your car more often (especially the wheels). 

Before you start your car wash, make sure you have the following items: 

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Review this article for guidance on picking a car wash soap. You can also look for pre-assembled car wash kits that come with everything you need. 

Washing your car regularly will prevent rust from forming and keep your car looking its best. Every six months, apply a layer of wax at the end of your wash to protect your car’s paint from the elements. 

For more detailed instructions on washing your car, check out this article. When washing in the winter, follow these steps.

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Your Car’s Interior

Clear out the interior of your car at least once every month. This means removing any garbage and other unnecessary items, shaking out the floor mats, and cleaning away any marks or light stains. This monthly clear out will make your cabin inviting to passengers and prevent smells and stains from permeating. 

Always keep cleaning wipes in your car to whisk away spills before they set into stains. 

Detailing Your Vehicle

Detailing is a more thorough clean of your car (inside and out) and should be done two or three times per year. This process often starts with a regular clean of the inside of your car but includes more steps to really refresh the space, like cleaning the seats and washing the floor mats. 

Some useful items for detailing include: 

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Remember to only use products designed for the materials you’re putting them on. 

Follow this guide for help on detailing your car interior. 

More Tips

Car washing is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. With the right tools, you can take on this task from your driveway. Our NAPA BodyPro line of car care products will help you get the job done right. Discover them here. 

If you want to book a professional service, take your car to a NAPA AUTOPRO service centre. 

For any questions about car washing and detailing, visit a NAPA Auto Parts store to chat with an expert. 

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