Improve Your Visibility: 2020 Guide

Never underestimate the importance of good visibility when you’re behind the wheel! Seeing clearly on the road not only makes life easier, but also helps keep you safe. Check out our list of products that can improve driver visibility.

1. Rain repellent

Once you’ve tried rain repellent, it’s hard to do without. However, this handy product does more than make water bead off your windshield. You may be surprised to hear that rain repellents have seen some impressive technological advances.

Since glass is porous, your windshield can have microscopic, imperceptible cracks. Using the power of nanotechnology, a thin layer of iTEKT Liquid Glass on your windshield reduces shatters and scratches by 20 percent.

The treatment is effective for 6–12 months, depending on driving conditions. It helps keep your windshield clean by repelling dirt and insects. In addition, it makes it easier to remove snow and ice from your car in winter. In extreme temperatures, your visibility will be all the better for it.

2. Seasonally appropriate wiper blades

Most of us tend to forget to replace our wiper blades. However, wiper blades only last 6–12 months, and there’s no denying that these small car accessories play a key role in driver visibility.

There are different types of wiper blades. Some are designed for winter driving or extreme driving conditions. In some cases, you can replace the rubber insert without having to replace the entire blade. Listen to our expert Chris Robinson’s tips before buying new wiper blades.

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A good rule of thumb is to inspect your car every season and get into the habit of changing your wiper blades before winter. Follow our advice to learn how to do this yourself. Then, watch our video to see how easy it can be.

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3. Restored headlights

Dim lights don’t necessarily mean you need stronger bulbs. Dirt, road salt, and UV rays damage headlights, turning the lenses yellow and opaque. You may not notice the change right away because it happens gradually, and your brain gets accustomed to the reduced light.

Before you replace your headlights, consider the different methods and products on the market that can bring back their lustre. If you’re ready to restore your headlights, we have a comprehensive article on the subject. You’ll find expert advice and a step-by-step video.

4. Powerful light bulbs

You may not notice at first, but over time, headlights get cloudy and bulbs grow dimmer. Halogen, LED, and HID bulbs don’t all have the same lifespan, but they should be checked on average every 7,500 km or every two years.

To learn more about which bulbs are right for your car, read our article on the subject. It features our Shopping Know-How video, where Chris Robinson explains the different bulb options.

Changing your bulbs will improve your visibility and increase your safety on the road. Plus, if you choose LED bulbs, you’ll get a whiter, brighter light with a more modern look. If you replace them yourself, follow our guide and don’t forget to change both bulbs at the same time.

Follow our advice for great visibility year-round. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the experts at our NAPA Auto Parts stores, or make an appointment at one of our NAPA AUTOPRO repair shops.

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