10 Time-Saving Auto Repair Mechanic Tools

Whether you’re a DIY mechanic who does auto repairs in the backyard or a professional working in an auto repair shop, you look after time-saving mechanics tools . It’s all about efficiency: a tool that makes your job easier could save you a lot of time and frustration. For professional mechanics, there are long-term benefits to investing in the right tools. Here are 10 time-saving auto repair mechanic tools you should have your toolbox.

Torque wrench

Tightening nuts and bolts to the correct torque is critical and for taht, you need a good quality and calibrated torque wrench. Too loose, and things fall apart, but too tight, and things break. When you use the proper clamping force, brake rotors maintain their shape and head gaskets stay sealed.

Flex-head ratchet

flex-head ratchet from NAPAIn an ideal world, all fasteners would be easy to access from the same angle. With the constraints of real-life engineering, however, we need various tools to reach them all. A flex-head ratchet can be used from various angles. You can check our Real Deals catalogue to buy pro-grade ratchets you will keep for life!

Ratcheting wrenches

ratchet wrench from NAPABox wrenches are strong and reliable, but they don’t always make for speedy work. Ratcheting wrenches, like those in this GearWrench ratcheting combination wrench set, are as compact as box wrenches but get the job done as quickly as a ratchet and socket.

A taller jack

Scissor jack, bottle jack and floor jackChoose the tallest jack you can fit under your vehicle to speed up lifting, and don’t forget to support your vehicle with jack stands before you start working. A tall jack can lift a vehicle to support height in a single step.

Rechargeable lights

Even in a well-lit shop, there are times when you need extra light to see what you’re doing. Rechargeable lights can be held in your hand, placed on your head, or hung under the hood.

Tool organization

magnetic part trayEven if you don’t have rows and rows of sockets and a whole drawer of wrenches, it’s much easier to get work done when your tools are easy to find. Tool rolls and trays are a couple of our favourite organization accessories.

Cordless tools

cordless power toolCordless tools are particularly handy because they can go anywhere, even on the road. Three must-haves are impact guns, impact drivers, and 3/8ʺ ratchets.

Brake bleeder wrench

flare wrench from NAPAThis specialty wrench is often called flare nut wrench and features an offset handle so that you don’t have to sacrifice leverage for clearance over the caliper. That’ll make it easy to bleed the brakes during your next brake job.

Hook and pick set

hookThis set of tools is useful for several things, including removing and installing O-rings and seals and disconnecting electrical connectors.


It wasn’t easy to keep this list to just 10 items—there are literally thousands of mechanic tools to choose from. Not having the right ones can turn a two-hour DIY auto repair job into a two-day nightmare. Fortunately, by consulting your trusted local mechanic and our associates at NAPA Auto Parts, you’ll have no trouble identifying the time-saving auto repair tools you need. Make sure to read our next article, where we talk about choosing the right jack.

By Benjamin Jerew

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