Spring cleaning guide – 5 best body shop tools to clean your car

By the time spring rolls around, cars tend to be pretty grimy! However, searching your local auto parts store for car wash products can be overwhelming. Giving your car a good scrub is just as important as cleaning your house, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Speed up your spring car wash by stocking up on pro body shop essentials. Here are the five best body shop tools to put in your bucket this spring to clean your car.

1. Foam gun – While hand-washing is still a great way to get your car clean, there’s one problem: gravity! Every time you slosh soapy water on your car, it starts to run off, leaving little time to seep into the dirt and grime. A foam gun or foam cannon aerates your soap into a thick foam that sticks to your car, giving it time to loosen and float the dirt off your car. Some foam guns connect to a standard garden hose (this one) while others connect to a pressure washer, like this one.

2. Grit guard – The two-bucket method is the best way to wash your car by hand. One bucket is filled with hot soapy water, while the other is filled with clean rinse water. After washing the car with a mitt of soapy water, rinse it off in the rinse bucket. A grit guard sits in the bottom of the rinse bucket, allowing dirt and sand to settle to the bottom. When you rinse your wash mitt, the grit guard keeps your mitt from picking up abrasive particles that can damage your paintwork.

3. Microfibre cloths – It can be tempting to use paper towels or any old rags to clean and dry your car, but there are a few problems with this approach. At best, you’ll probably make more work for yourself, as these materials tend to leave lint behind. At worst, abrasive rags can damage your car’s finish. Microfibre cloths are super soft, super absorbent, and lint-free, making your job easier and leaving a brilliant finish.

4. Orbital buffer – Whether your car wash includes a wax or you choose to apply wax separately, an orbital buffer saves time and effort and gives you the best shine possible.

5. Wet-dry vacuum – It’s important to vacuum the interior of your car, but your home vacuum isn’t made for the task. The hose attachment can give you limited access, but it’s hard to get a thorough clean. What you really need is the power and portability of a wet-dry vacuum. This great tool can get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle: under the floor mats, in the trunk, between the seat cushions, and more!

To get started, pick up a NAPA Perfect Effects car wash kit, a bottle of Meguiar’s gel wash, and a few pro tools. Your car or truck will be summer-ready in one breezy afternoon. Tune in next month when we discuss your car’s most important safety equipment: the brakes. Learn how to do the perfect brake job and how to choose your brake pads and rotors based out on your driving habits and car type.

By Benjamin Jerew

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