Three Mechanic Tools to Speed Up Car Repair and Maintenance

After getting your car up on jack stands and gathering your mechanic tool set, you’re set up for many car maintenance and auto repair tasks. Car enthouastics and DIYers often start to learn simple jobs on their car like washing and detailing. Then, they’ll move on to basic engine maintenance, like an oil change or spark plug replacement. As you become more accustomed to working on different parts of your car, you might look for ways to speed things up. Here are three mechanic tools that make the job go faster without neglecting the results’ quality.

A more complete brake job : Partial brake bleed

Replacing brake pads and brake rotors is already a straightforward job: simply remove the brake caliper, compress the piston, replace the pads and rotors, and reinstall the caliper. However, there is a shortcut you can take to complete the job more efficiently. Instead of forcing the brake fluid back into the reservoir, a partial brake bleed is recommended. The brake fluid experiences the biggest temperature fluctuations near the brake caliper. This directly influences its longevity.

First of all, before compressing the piston, use hose pinch pliers to block the flow of brake fluid through the flexible brake hose. Then, place a brake bleeder wrench on the bleeder screw. Connect a clear tube to the bleeder screw and dip it in fresh brake fluid. Finally, loosen the bleeder screw and compress the brake caliper piston, forcing old fluid into the bleeder bottle. After tightening the bleeder screw and reassembling the brakes, top off the brake fluid with fresh fluid to the full mark.

A quicker oil change: Oil extractor

Normally, a traditional engine oil change involves lifting the vehicle to access the oil drain plug. However, if the oil filter is easily accessible from the top of the engine, why lift it at all?

An engine oil extractor can help you get this regular maintenance job done faster and cleaner. You can choose an oil extractor with a hand pump or a pneumatic pump. For a more efficient extraction, make sure the engine is at operating temperature.  Insert the extraction hose in the dipstick tube and start the pumping. Have some rags ready when you’ll removed the hose from the dipstick tube. It’s effective on many vehicles, though some report it can be slightly less efficient on some engines, depending on how the dipstick tube is situated.

A more efficient car wash : Telescopic wash brush

The basic car wash kit is simple: couple of buckets, microfibre sponges and rags, and car wash concentrate soap. However, big trucks and SUVs can have difficult areas to reach with only these accessories. Whatever your vehicule size’s, there’s an easy and safe way to reach more of it without a stool or stepladder. This Mallory Telescoping Wash Brush extends your reach so you can soap and scrub more of your car or truck and keep your feet safely on the ground.

With all these tips and tricks, get the job done more quickly and cleanly. If you’re planning on a long weekend drive, check out our next article on getting ready for roadtrips.

By Benjamin Jerew

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