NAPA Guide: How to choose the best brake pads and brake rotors

In a previous article on how to do a great brake job, we only briefly mentioned the different types of brakes that are available. Choosing the right brake pads can depend on many things. Your vehicle type, your driving habits, and your driving location can all be significant factors. For the most part, with proper maintenance and care, brake calipers don’t need to be replaced often. With that being said, we are going to focus on how to choose the best brake pads and brake rotors for your needs. Generally, NAPA Auto Parts offers four kinds of brake pads: regular, premium, specialty and fleet brake pads.

Regular brake pads : made for everyday's driving

QE brake pads

OE (original equipment) style brake pads are suitable for most vehicles in average driving conditions. They’re what most automakers had in mind when they developed the braking system for your vehicle. You can match them with our Premium rotors to benefit from factory-type heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and a long lifespan. NAPA Proformer and NAPA QE Brakes will give you the same reliable performance and stability as the ones originally installed in the vehicle. These brake pads are perfect if you’re looking for factory performance and longevity for your daily ride.

Premium brake pads: quieter and cleaner

For luxury cars and some sporty vehicles, premium brake pads are quieter and cleaner. They make it easier to keep those wheels sparkling. However, less dust typically comes at a price: lower braking performance. This means your vehicle may feel different if you switch from an OE-style brake pad. Our Premium and Ultra-Premium brake rotors offer increasing levels of corrosion protection. It is important in our Canadian climate to provide consistent thermal performance for longer. Choose premium brakes to keep your car quiet and clean.

Adaptive One specialty brake pads: top of the line

adaptive one brake padsAdaptive One brake pads are formulated to maintain braking performance even in high heat either generated during spirited driving or towing and hauling. Usually an increased braking performance may generate more noise and dust, and the brakes may not last as long as OE-style counterparts. NAPA Adaptive One Performance brake pads —available for sports cars, a wide range of trucks, and many other vehicles—feature a unique formulation allowing the brake pads to adapt to your driving style while generating little dust and thus keeping your wheels cleaner. Choose performance brakes for maximum braking performance for sport cars or Adaptive One for Trucks and SUV with Kevlar pulp formulation if you’re towing or hauling.

Fleet brakes

NAPA Fleet brake pads

When it comes to hard-working cars and trucks such as delivery, emergency, and police vehicles, limiting maintenance downtime is important for keeping costs low. But no fleet owner wants to sacrifice safety. Our fleet brakes offer consistent performance and longevity so that your fleet vehicles can keep making money on the road and out of the shop. Choose fleet brakes for taxis, ambulances, delivery trucks, police vehicles, tow trucks, and other service vehicles.

While it may be quickest to choose any old brake pads and brake rotors for your next brake job, selecting the right ones ensures maximum safety and consistent performance. When you don’t have the right parts, the best-case scenario is simply having to replace your brakes more often. In the worst-case scenario, you might experience brake fade or increased braking distance in heavy braking situations. If you’re still wondering how to choose the best brake pads and brake rotors for your situation, you can always talk to one of our knowledgeable associates.

Once you’ve gotten the right brake parts for your vehicle, make sure they’re installed correctly so you can get back on the road. Don’t miss our next article, where we’ll talk about some of the time-saving tools (like this disc brake piston tool) you should consider for your next brake job or any work on your car or truck.

Looking for tips? Chat with your local NAPA Auto parts expert or your  local NAPA AUTOPRO service centre.

By Benjamin Jerew

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