Valentine’s Day Gifts for DIYers

If you’ve got an automotive fan in your life, we’d love to help you find a suitable gift for them, especially if DIYing isn’t quite your thing. Not everyone likes cards, flowers, or chocolates, so we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special DIYer to help you find something they’d really appreciate.

Valentine s Day Gifts for DIYers - Cadeaux de la Saint-Valentin pour bricoleurs

Protective Gear

Gifts that’ll keep your DIYer safe from harm when doing what they love are an easy choice for Valentine’s Day. A great gift that any DIYer will make plenty of use of is a good pair of work gloves. Not only do gloves offer protection, they’ll keep hands warm when working in cold temperatures. These winter utility gloves have an extra layer of insulation to keep your DIYer’s hands cozy during the winter months.

You can help your valentine protect their eyes with a pair of safety goggles/glasses. This’ll shield them from dust, debris, and various fumes. You can pick from all kinds of glasses, including ones with anti-fog coating or UV protection.

NAPA Winter Utility Gloves

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Safety Glasses

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Help your valentine brighten up their workspace with some lighting tools. This 3-piece work light set can be used for all kinds of projects. Each light has a magnetic base, and two of them come with hanging hooks so your DIYer can light up any corner they need. Batteries included!

To help your valentine get up-close and personal with their projects, gift them this adjustable headlamp. It’s water-resistant and has four modes to provide the exact amount of light they need.

Prime-Lite 3-Piece Multi-Purpose Work Light Set

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Energizer Vision HD LED Headlamp

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Car Upgrades

Aside from lighting their workspace, it’s important your DIYer’s view of the road is also well lit. A pair of LED headlights will show your valentine you care about lighting their way home.

To keep their view clear of snow, rain, and debris, you can gift your DIYer new windshield wiper blades.

A new set of car mats could also make your valentine happy: they’ll protect the floor of your DIYer’s car from winter slush and salt.

Don’t forget to add your valentine’s vehicle’s year, make, and model to the top left corner of to guarantee that the items you buy will fit.

Sylvania LED Headlights

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Trico ICE Windshield Wiper Blades

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Any DIYer who loves to tinker will be happy with some new tools for Valentine’s Day. With this wrench set, your DIYer can loosen even the most stubborn bolt.

Does your valentine frequently complain about not having enough tools? You could surprise your DIYer with this 100-piece screwdriver set. Each blade is made from durable chrome vanadium steel and can be sorted in a convenient storage rack.

Another great item for general maintenance tasks is this hook and pick set. Each item has a comfort grip handle and can be kept in a tray for easy storage.

Milwaukee Tool Wrench Set

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Milwaukee - Hoone Key And Pick Set

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Comforting Gifts

Take some of the physical strain off your DIYer with gifts that provide comfort while they work. This bed creeper, for instance, will make it easy for your valentine to slide under any vehicle.

If they do a lot of heavy lifting, your DIYer may appreciate this back support belt to take some of the load off.

If their workspace isn’t well insulated, a portable heater and some heat packs will keep your DIYer comfortable when it’s cold outside.

Ultrapro - 36 In. Mechanic's Bed Creeper

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Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater

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A DIYer can only accomplish so much if they don’t know where their tools are. This tool organizer will help your automotive DIYer keep track of everything. It’s portable so it can be left in their home garage or be brought on the road.

Looking for a couple AA batteries? Your valentine will know exactly where they are with this battery organizer.

This mechanic’s seat not only gives your DIYer somewhere comfortable to sit, but also allows them to keep the tools they’re currently using with them on a storage tray at their feet.

Milwaukee - Packout Deep Organizer

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Ultrapro - Mechanic's Seat

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More Ideas

For more Valentine’s Day gifts, browse through our wide selection of automotive products on You can also stop by your local NAPA Auto Parts store for some advice from an expert. Whatever you end up picking, your automotive DIYer is sure to appreciate your support for their favourite hobby. Just add a greeting card, and you’re off to the races! Well, in a manner of speaking.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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