Summer vs. Winter Windshield Wipers

Just when you think winter will never end, spring is right around the corner! As we move into warmer weather, it’s time to prepare your car for the change in seasons. This includes switching out your winter windshield wipers for summer ones.

Let’s go over why you need to change your windshield wipers, how to pick the right ones, how to install them, and some other tips for improving your view of the road all year round.

Why Change Your Windshield Wipers

If you live somewhere with a significant change in seasons, it’s important to change your windshield wiper blades every six months. If you experience a similar climate year-round, you can change your blades once per year.

Over time, the rubber on your blades wears down, and the blades won’t contact your windshield surface properly. Old wiper blades won’t clear your view effectively, can damage your windshield, and put your safety at risk.

The time of year will determine what kind of windshield wipers you need. When changing your blades in the late fall, for example, you’ll need a set of winter wiper blades to handle snow and ice. When winter reaches its end, it’s time to switch back to regular wiper blades for the spring, summer, and fall.

Picking Windshield Wipers

Picking wiper blades depends on the season and size of your windshield. Different styles of wiper blades perform better in certain weather.

Summer wiper blades aren’t made to handle cold temperatures and won’t be able to clear away snow and ice properly. If you use them in the winter, they’ll freeze up and potentially break off. Using winter blades in the summer is also dangerous because they won’t handle hot weather or rain as well as summer blades.

We recommend blades like these from Trico Ice for the winter months. In the summer, opt for blades like Trico Force. Don’t forget to change out your rear wiper blade, too.

You can find more details on the types of windshield wipers here.

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How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

You can have your windshield wiper blades changed at a professional garage for about $15 to $30. This task is quite easy to DIY, however, so you can save yourself a bit of money. Follow this guide to learn how to install new wiper blades.

Protecting Your Windshield

Aside from changing your wiper blades, you can take other measures to protect your windshield from the elements.

Always pair your windshield wipers with the right windshield washer fluid. In the winter, pick a fluid that’s made for winter temperatures. Unlike summer fluid, winter washer fluid has a small amount of antifreeze to prevent the liquid from freezing.

Liquid glass protector helps further repel water, dirt, snow, ice, and insects from sticking to your windshield.

This windshield repair kit can help you patch up a small bullseye or star damage on your windshield. If you have a crack longer than 7 cm or a chip over 2.5 cm in diameter, have it repaired by a professional.

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More Visibility Tips

Keeping your view of the road clear is essential to your safety as a driver. As you browse for new wiper blades, don’t forget to care for other parts of your car that contribute to your view, including your headlights and side mirrors. Find more tips on improving your visibility here.

If you have any questions about choosing wiper blades, how to install them, or other ways to protect your windshield, visit a NAPA Auto Parts store or NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centre to speak with an expert.

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